Examples of Problems found by Blue Sky Home Inspections

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  Mouse in an electrical panel...
he didn't have a chance
  Happy Homeowner's electrical work...
this is a fire waiting to happen.
  Dryer venting into chimney.   I wonder why my house smells like crap... waste drain line is broken allowing feces to run on ground in the crawlspace.
  Furnace never serviced.   Attic ventilation is blocked.
  Double tapped wires on some circuits.   Opening in electrical panel needs cover.
  Broken dryer vent inside the crawlspace.   Closet light fixture not properly mounted.
  No end cap on rain gutter and no drain spout.   Rusted out ductwork below the furnace.
  Spliced wire is outside of a junction box.   Tree growing through walls of a house.
  Termite damage in shower.   Termite damage in closet.

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